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The Welcome Corps offers community approach to refugee resettlement

On World Refugee Day, we recognize the 110 million people displaced worldwide, including more than 35 million refugees forced to flee the lives they know waiting for the day they can return home safely, or, for those who have no other option, to resettle in another country. The global displacement crisis has been worsening for…

Private sponsorship pilot program for refugees in the works

A private sponsorship of refugees pilot will incorporate lessons learned from the Sponsor Circle Program. “Group response to sponsorship is really powerful. It increases the number of resources that folks have access to and allows for stronger community connections,” Sarah Krause, Community Sponsorship Hub executive director and co-founder.

Sponsor Circle Program Expands for Americans Welcoming Venezuelans

NEW YORK — The Sponsor Circle Program (SCP) today begins accepting applications from sponsors of Venezuelans who are fleeing economic and humanitarian crises and seeking refuge in the United States through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Process for Venezuelans. Sponsors who may need additional resources and support can learn more and apply at…

Biden administration plans private refugee sponsorship program

Sarah Krause, executive director of the Community Sponsorship Hub, which was established last year to pair private sponsors with Afghan evacuees, said it will expand opportunities for refugees themselves as well as broaden “our capacity to identify individuals that are in need of protection.” Read More