Welcome Corps

At CSH, we believe there is a place for everyone in resettlement and welcome.

The Welcome Corps is a program launched by the U.S. Department of State, administered by a consortium led by the Community Sponsorship Hub with funding provided by the U.S. government. Through the Welcome Corps, everyday Americans come together to privately sponsor refugees, building on our country’s long tradition of providing refuge.

Change a Life, Including Your Own

The Welcome Corps creates new opportunities for Americans to take on the deeply rewarding and meaningful act of welcome. In addition to ensuring refugees are met with the support and resources to succeed in the United States, private sponsorship strengthens host communities as sponsors work together and build new relationships with refugees and each other.

Building on previous successes in public-private partnerships, like the Sponsor Circles Program and USCIS humanitarian parole pathways Process for CHNV and Uniting for Ukraine, the Welcome Corps expands resettlement capacity and diversifies a growing movement of welcome by inviting more Americans and institutions to participate.

“When Americans welcome, communities flourish. Newly arriving refugees have been forced to flee, leaving behind their communities and livelihoods, with some in search of a safe place to call home for years. Whether you are a business owner, teacher, stay-at-home parent, nurse, or store clerk, the Welcome Corps equips you with the resources you need to work together and share knowledge of your community with refugees as they adapt to life in America.” Sarah Krause, CSH executive director and co-founder

Get Involved

Whether as a recruitment partner, sponsor-supporting organization, or Private Sponsor Group, there is a role for you in this program.


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