Sponsor Circles

Communities are the heart of welcome.

The Sponsor Circle Program is a community-led resettlement initiative that allows everyday Americans to take on the responsibility of welcoming a newcomer to their communities.

So many of us wanted to help with resettlement but without Sponsorship Circles we’d have been at a loss - not only on how to begin - but how to continue. Their speedy, kind and knowledgeable accompaniment has been invaluable. Winona Afghan Support Network Member
Origin Story

There was great need.
We responded.

Like many of you, the team at CSH was devastated to watch the situation in Afghanistan unravel. As tens of thousands of Afghans fled for their lives, communities across the United States loudly proclaimed their desire to welcome newcomers.

Working around the clock for several weeks as the last planes left Kabul, the Community Sponsorship Hub, together with a few of our coalition partners, built the Sponsor Circle Program for Afghans. Notably described by CNN as the single biggest innovation in US domestic resettlement in more than 40 years, the Sponsor Circle Program places communities that want so desperately to be part of a solution, as the heart of welcome. It is a life-changing program for newcomers and communities alike.

Officially launched by the U.S. Department of State on October 25, 2021, the Sponsor Circle Program remains a crucial part of the solution to ensuring Afghans are welcomed directly into communities across the country.

On May 31, 2022, the Sponsor Circle Program expanded to support Americans welcoming Ukrainians through Uniting for Ukraine. We are honored to have founded this program and be part of this growing movement to welcome.

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