The Welcome Corps offers community approach to refugee resettlement

Following is a statement by Annie Nolte-Henning, interim executive director of the Community Sponsorship Hub.

On World Refugee Day, we recognize the 110 million people displaced worldwide, including more than 35 million refugees forced to flee the lives they know waiting for the day they can return home safely, or, for those who have no other option, to resettle in another country.

The global displacement crisis has been worsening for more than a decade and now, with ongoing crises in places like Sudan and Ukraine, a record high of 110 million people—parents, teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs, farmers, students and children—have been forced from their homes, their communities, and the futures they planned for. Community Sponsorship Hub is dedicated to ensuring refugees and other forcibly displaced people find that hope away from home.

We know when Americans welcome, communities thrive. The Welcome Corps is making that possible in more parts of the country, including rural communities located outside the reach of urban centers and traditional resettlement agencies. Through the Welcome Corps, groups of community members provide hope for refugees ready to rebuild their lives and contribute to their new communities. Private sponsors help refugees adapt to life in America, find housing, access benefits and services, enroll children in school and prepare for job interviews.

Welcoming newcomers is popular across state and party lines. We’ve seen time and again how Americans have opened their hearts to newcomers and, by doing so, grow our communities, boost our economy and create a tapestry of new friendships and lifelong bonds.

Learn more about the Welcome Corps and resources provided for U.S.-based sponsor groups ready to welcome refugees to their communities.

The Welcome Corps is a program of the U.S. Department of State, administered by a consortium led by the Community Sponsorship Hub with funding provided by the U.S. government.