Everyone has a role in community sponsorship.

In 2023, the global migration crisis reached new heights with 110 million forcibly displaced people worldwide in need of a safe place to rebuild their lives. Community Sponsorship Hub is advancing sustainable solutions to these staggering trends by helping everyone find a role in resettlement—equipping partners and empowering communities to welcome refugees and newcomers.

What We Do

We center communities as the heart of welcome.

Community Sponsorship Hub (CSH) exists to grow the role of communities in the protection, welcome and integration of refugees and other forcibly displaced people. We believe there is a role for everyone in community sponsorship. We make it possible for you to find yours. Uniquely positioned and expertly qualified, the CSH team brings decades of experience to the table, dedicated to advancing our mission of growing the role of communities in welcome.

What is Community Sponsorship?

Community sponsorship connects refugees and other displaced people with community members eager to welcome them. Local groups commit to provide financial and/or in-kind contributions and volunteer services to support refugee and newcomer integration. Community sponsorship facilitates integration and better connects community members with one another, resulting in stronger, more cohesive societies.

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We welcomed our first family Tuesday night, and it was a resounding success! The father shared a powerful sentiment that still gives me goosebumps: ‘I’ve been asked many times if I have relatives here in the U.S., and the answer has always been no. But now I can say yes, I have family here.’” Viets for Afghans, Community Sponsor through the Sponsor Circle Program

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