The Community Sponsorship Hub welcomes the launch of the Sponsor Circle Program for Afghans

(New York, NY) As announced in a press statement by Secretary Blinken this morning, the Sponsor Circle Program for Afghans is an emergency initiative that supports Afghan newcomers already in the United States. As the MOU holder with the U.S. Department of State, the Community Sponsorship Hub (CSH) is a proud partner in this work.

Operating as a program of a coalition of organizations including, the International Rescue Committee, Integrated Refugee & Immigration Services, RefugePoint, and Welcome.US, Sponsor Circles will expand the integration capacity of communities across the country to support Afghans. This is a unique historic opportunity to create new pathways to integration for our allies who fled from their homeland and must now rebuild their lives. Further, it harnesses the power of communities who express interest in welcome.

To form a Sponsor Circle, a group of five adults who live in the same area come together, complete background checks, fundraise, pass a knowledge check, and prepare a detailed welcome plan for the Afghan newcomer. Once certified, sponsor circles will welcome the newcomer directly into the community and provide tailored support through the initial integration process.

“The outpouring of support for Afghan refugees is truly inspirational and demonstrates the best of what the United States stands for,” said Sarah Krause, executive director and co-founder of the Community Sponsorship Hub. “The Sponsor Circle Program is a concrete way to translate this support into immediate opportunities to welcome more Afghans. By offering opportunities to sponsor a family, this program will create enduring bonds between Afghans and the communities that welcome them.”

Groups or individuals who are interested in participating in the Sponsor Circle Program may find more information on how to apply HERE.