Open Call for Advisory Board Members

The Community Sponsorship Hub (CSH) is excited to announce an open call for applications to its Advisory Board. We have an established board of five (5) activists, academics, philanthropists, and thought leaders, and are seeking an additional three (3) advisors to join this highly collaborative, committed, and forward-thinking group focused on innovating and safeguarding refugee protection and welcome through community sponsorship. Of special interest are advisors with expertise in communications and macro- and micro-fundraising. 

Overview of CSH:

Established in 2021, CSH is a dynamic organization dedicated to growing the role of communities in the protection, resettlement, and integration of refugees and other forcibly displaced people. Mobilizing civil society, and the public, private, and philanthropic sectors, and empowering them with resources and access, CSH shapes and coordinates a community sponsorship system that leverages the power of welcoming Americans from all corners of the country.

CSH is overseen and managed by a fiscal sponsor, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a 501(c)(3), governed by an independent Board of Directors.

Overview of the Advisory Board:

CSH’s current Advisory Board is composed of five members, including CSH’s Executive Director, and will not exceed nine individuals. Advisory Board members serve for three (3) years. Tenure is renewable up to two (2) times. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis.

Role of the Advisory Board:

The CSH Advisory Board oversees the development and implementation of CSH strategy and objectives and holds CSH accountable for achieving its mission. The Advisory Board may recommend disbursements (including grants and related program expenses) as well as staff and consultants; however, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, CSH fiscal sponsor, has full authority and control over all funds and property contributed to CSH, contracts and commitments, and distributions.

Expectations and Responsibilities of Advisory Board Members:

Advisory Board Members are personally committed to the CSH mission, have exposure to migration issues, with a focus on community sponsorship, a record of innovation, and an ability to influence and/or leverage external networks in support of the CSH mission. Members are expected to read materials in advance of board meetings and to come prepared to ask questions and participate in discussions. They are expected to serve on at least one committee of the Advisory Board and to actively participate in committee work.

Select Member Experience & Overview of the Fundraising Committee:

The Advisory Board is seeking to recruit two additional board members with a special interest in individuals with expertise in messaging, public opinion polling, campaign strategy, and/or public advocacy in support of immigration issue areas as well as those who can lead and contribute to the CSH Advisory Board Fundraising Committee which supports the advancement of CSH fundraising goals.

CSH aims to inspire and engage the American public to actively participate in and support refugee resettlement through community sponsorship. To do this, CSH is dedicated to building greater public awareness about this opportunity and working with a wide coalition of partners to inspire engagement by interested Americans or organizational partners interested in supporting the public’s engagement in community sponsorship. Experience in contributing to similar efforts would deepen the Advisory Board’s insight in support of this critical work.

CSH is also dedicated to engaging prospective funders as early in its collective work as possible, thereby promoting a shared sense of ownership and collaboration. CSH’s style of engagement is to always go beyond a single point of connection to open-ended, ongoing, collaborative partnership, with the goal of creating a space in which there is a diversity of ideas.

Timeline: Applications are due by October 31, 2023.

Submission Instructions: Would you or someone you know make a good addition to the advisory board? Nominate others or submit a letter of interest detailing experience, passion, and commitment to the mission and vision of the Community Sponsorship Hub and how you envision supporting the organization’s work. Submit your application using the form below.