CSH Celebrates Uniting for Ukraine

(New York, New York) — The Community Sponsorship Hub (CSH) celebrates the Biden administration’s announcement of Uniting for Ukraine, a humanitarian parole program that will allow those fleeing the war in Ukraine to be safely welcomed to the United States and supported by Americans.

“It is important to leverage the exceptional good will of the American people to welcome those displaced by the war in Ukraine,” said Sarah Krause, executive director of Community Sponsorship Hub. CSH is partnering with Welcome.US and a diverse coalition of organizations to mobilize 100,000 Americans as sponsors and is making available tools and resources that draw on best practices gained from the CSH-led, Sponsor Circle Program for Afghans and Community Sponsorship Catalyst Fund.

For people who would like to learn more, they can visit ukraine.welcome.us.

CSH imagines a future where the whole of society meaningfully engages in the protection, resettlement, and integration of refugees and other forcibly displaced people. The announcement of Uniting for Ukraine brings us closer to realizing that vision.